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Information on the history of the EL and information about ELDCPS and its efforts to restore EL equipment to service.

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Diner 741 Adopt-a-Chair

Current Progress

10 adopted (out of 10)! Thank you very much for your participation!


Several years ago, ELDCPS was offered the frames for 6 of the chairs used in the lounge section of EL diner 741. This type of late 1940's Pullman chair is virtually impossible to find today, so it was very important that we obtained these chairs.

We asked the public to consider "adopting" a chair, and the program was a success. We raised enough money to purchase the six chairs, plus an additional four, and restore them all to their original condition.

Once Diner 741 is complete, these chairs will be found in the lounge section of the car, with the name of each donor placed on the top of the chair frame for everyone to see.

Diner 741 Adopt-a-Window

Current Progress

16 adopted (out of 16), with $12,000 raised! Thank you very much for your participation!


Erie Lackawanna Diner 741 once again wears the proud colors of the Erie Lackawanna, and the exterior restoration of the car is almost complete. In an effort to fund the replacement and installation of new windows throughout the car, we have implemented an Adopt-A-Window campaign.

For a tax-deductible donation of $750, ELDCPS will install a new window and affix a plaque with an inscription of the donor’s choice under the "adopted" window. We are offering 16 public-space windows up for adoption, and your support will help us complete this crucial part of the restoration.

Double-pane, FRA-approved safety glass will be used in all 16 windows. Not included in this program are the three kitchen windows, the two end doors, and the two side-access doors.

The goal of installing new windows in 741 has been acheived and the program is complete. Thank you very much for your participation!

Nickel Plate 211 Club

Based on a suggestion from Tony Koester, the founder of the Nickel Plate Road Technical & Historical Society, ELDCPS started the 211 Club. Each person who donates $211 towards City of Lima will be recognized as a member of the 211 Club. The 211 Club donors will receive the following :

Online Donation | Mail-In Donation

All regular and special donations can be made online through the ELDCPS store.

By Mail

Send a check, along with the name of of the program you wish to sponsor, and include any inscriptions to be used, if applicable to:

Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society, Inc.
201 South Blakely Street #333
Dunmore, Penn. 18512